Great topic, this presentation should be part of training in all organizations. Great info, love the "shield."

- Attendee feedback, Career Resources Network

The feedback we got from our attendees was all positive and pleased. Beth's speaking skills are lovely, at ease, and smooth. I loved her message and delivery, knowledge and willingness to help people.

- Polly Malby, Owner, Shades to Remember

As an independent business owner, I felt Beth and Marnie comprehend the various aspects of being in business and doing the day to day grind of business, that both feed our souls and that deplete them. They get that! They are able to communicate that to people in a fun, engaging way that helps them see the problem as knowable and solvable.

These two women, in fact, have both first hand personal and professional experience and expertise around the issues of burnout in the work place, and their ability to bring facts down out of scientific clouds of confusion and into useful, understandable language and context is unparalleled. Anybody can say ’Simon Says this or that’ but to be able to appropriately use those facts in context and applied appropriately to the topic is rare indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their presentation and applying their lessons into my own business and life.

- Stacey Lyn, Owner, Optimize Me

I experienced burnout as early as in my High School years, and then several times more in my adult life. I always thought that something was wrong with me, that I failed as a person and that I let everyone down. I questioned my intelligence and my abilities. Then I met Beth and recognized that all these years, I struggled through burnouts that were affecting my health and social life negatively. She has taught me lots of wonderful ways to take care of myself to prevent falling back into bad burnout habits. Her presentations are engaging, empathic and educational, leaving you with little treasures of knowledge every single time!

- Freelancer in the Netherlands

Over the last few months I’ve had several educators that attended your session at the conference share how valuable your presentation was for them. We received glowing evaluation results about your session too! Your comprehensive efforts in preventing burnout are so important and crucial to the well-being of educators. Thanks again for sharing your time, expertise and passion!

- Inge Aldersebaes, OEA Choice Trust Associate Director, Director of School Employee Wellness